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Staron Colours
With over 80 colours to choose from, Staron® offers design and colour flexibility. If you have a sample case please check the latest sample case layout to ensure it is up to date. If you would like to upate your sample case, please contact your local Staron representative.

Staron® has introduced the new Supreme™ Collection that adopts the look and beauty of natural stone, while taking on the advantage of the easy maintenance and joining capabilities of solid surface. More about Supreme Collection.

Download the Supreme Collection brochure.

Morning Sky
VM 114
Cotton White
VC 110
Beige Granite
VB 172
Urban Grey
VU 127
Delphi Cloudbank Magnolia Dawn
VD 111
VC 118
VM 143
VD 126
Ocean View Natural Bridge Dandelion Pastoral
Ocean View
VO 171
Natural Bridge
VN 144
VD 175
VP 177
Loam Presto    
VL 155
VP 159
Bright White
Sanded Icicle
Metallic Yukon
Quasar White
Bright White
Sanded Icicle
SI 414
Metallic Yukon>
EY 510
Pebble Ice Pebble Coral Aspen Glacier
Pebble Frost
PF 812
Pebble Ice **
PL 811
Pebble Coral
PC 817
Aspen Glacier
AG 612
Pebble Swan
Pebble Swan
Sandede Cream
Pebble Swan
PS 813
Aspen Snow
AS 610
SP 011
Sanded Cream
SM 421
Sanded Birch
Sanded Dover
Pebble Lagoon
Sanded Birch
SB 412
NEW! Aspen Alder
AA 625
Sanded Dover
SD 413
Pebble Lagoon
PL 814
Aspen Liliy
SV 041
SI 040
Aspen Glow
Aspen Lily
Aspen Stucco
Aspen Stucco
AS 644
Mosaic Dalmatian
QD 212
Pebble Saratoga
Aspen Pepper
Aspen Papyrus
Pebble Saratoga
PS 820
Aspen Pepper
AP 640
Pebble Chiffon
PC 842
Sanded Papyrus
Aspen Brown
Sanded Mocha
Aspen Brown
AG 632
SS 023
Sanded Clay
SC 475
Sanded Mocha
SM 453
Aspen Mine
Aspen Mine
AM 633
Earthern Stratum
QL 287
SP 062
Aspen Pond
SP 062
Pebble Grey
SF 020
SM 022
Sanded Heron
Sanded Tundra
ST 482
Sanded Grey
Pebble Grey Steel
Sanded Grey
SG 420
Pebble Grey
PG 810
Metallic Sleeksilver>
ES 581
Aspen Concrete
AC 629
Steel Steel  
SB 022
Quarry Minette>
QM 289
ST 023
Pebble Ebony
Sanded Onyx
Metallic Galaxy
Pebble Ebony*
PE 814
Sanded Onyx*
SO 423
Metallic Galaxy*>
EG 595
ON 095
Mosaic Nimbus
Pebble Chocolate*
Sanded Chestnut*
Metallic Satingold>
ES 558
Mosaic Nimbus
QN 28
California Poppy
SS 042
SU 053
California Poppy*
SC 052
NEW! Oasis*
SO 064
The Tempest colour range offers the look of stone and quartz with the durable, renewable and non-porous nature of a solid surface. This exclusive range offers a visual difference with larger clear particules, giving the surface an amazing depth not seen before in a solid surface. Available in different hues to meet any taste - the Tempest range is a unique offering only by Staron® Solid Surfaces. Click each colour for a close look.
Tempest Polar
Tempest Polar
FP 111
Tempest Meteor
FM 111
Tempest Confection
FC 116
Tempest Horizon
FH 114
Sonoma Caraway
Tempest Caviar
Tempest Twilight
FT 113
Tempest Sonoma
FS 143
Tempest Whippoorwill
FW 145
Tempest Caviar^>
FC 188
Zenith Gold Leaf Coffee Bean Shimmer Radiance
Tempest Zenith
FZ 184
Tempest Gold Leaf*^
FG 196
Tempest Coffee Bean*
FC 158
Tempest Shimmer *(Radiance)
FR 148
Colours highlighted in GREEN represent the Recycled Series - with a guaranteed percentage of recycled pre-consumer materials.
To read more visit the environmental page.

The Colours of Staron® Solid Surfaces: The common group names used on all the colours of Staron® represent the price range that each colour is in. From most expensive to most affordable the price ranges are in order by:

1. (Tempest, Supreme]
2. (Metallic, Talus, Pebble, Aspen)
3. (Sanded)
4. (Solid - plain colours)
5. [Bright White, Quasar White]

The above colours of Staron® are representations only. Please see a product sample to ensure you are happy with your colour selection.

* Darker colours may show every day wear and tear, including light scratching, more readily in high use horizontal areas ( benchtop). To ensure we meet your expectations, customers should be aware of the extra care needed. Scratching is not considered a product defect and hence not covered by the 10 year warranty. These colours are marked with an asterisk (*).

**Pebble Ice contains a fine scattered earthy coloured chip. Please see a large sample before selecting this colour for your project.

^ For colours listed with a ^ symbol, please check stock levels.

> Colours marked with this symbol feature a metallic mica chip. If selecting one of these colours, please speak to your Certified Fabricator or Austaron representative about how the look of these colours can change with different angled lighting.

Supreme Collection: The above colours of Staron® are representations only. Due to the veined nature of the Supreme Collection, there may be a subtle difference between the electronic representation and the real material. Please view a product colour sample to ensure you are happy with your colour selection. Request samples here or by contacting your local Staron® representative. Please discuss how joins will appear in your application with your fabricator.

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