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The durable nature of Staron® Solid Surfaces makes it the perfect surface solution for the food service industry. Staron® meets NSF - 51 National Sanitation Foundation Accreditation for safe food hygiene, which means it is a practical surface solution for commercial kitchens. Staron® will not promote the growth of bacteria when exposed to food, making it a safe surface for all food contact areas. Its renewable and repairable nature makes it suitable for high traffic areas such as benches, tables and serveries, as it will keep it’s beautiful aesthetic appeal for many years. No open joins also means that there will be no food trapping crevices, bacteria or grime build up - just one clean continuous surface. Staron® creates long and wrapping counters, serving areas, food hall tables, wall cladding, preparation areas, seating, signage and more. Staron® also offers a wide range of colours that can suit any environment or
franchise colour scheme.

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