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he flexibility of Staron® Solid Surfaces allows unique designs to create atmosphere to any venue. A social and sophisticated environment can be created in a bar or club with smooth and curved surface tops to attract people to the bar. Clever and effective lighting can be used to make the bar a feature and bring the entire bar to life with glowing light. The non-porous nature of Staron® also means that no stain will penetrate into the surface, so red wine is wiped away and won’t leave a permanent stain. Beer odours will also be eliminated, as it is not absorbed into the material. Create curves and waves to make the application fit the space. Staron® gives you the design freedom to create something unique that will fit in with the design and specification. The durable and renewable nature of Staron® makes it the perfect surface solution for high traffic areas of a busy bar, hotel or public space application.
Unlike some other materials, Staron® is a quiet and softer surface so handling glassware on the material are both quieter and safer. The non-porous properties of Staron® can also be applied to the bathrooms with seamless and eye catching vanities or toilet partitions. The durable and easy cleaning nature of Staron® means that the surface will maintain its good looks for years - extending the life of the application. The versatility of Staron® can also be used in the hotel segment - in the lobby, bathroom, hotel rooms and more. Create flowing wall cladding that is smooth and monolithic, for a beautiful finish that oozes luxury. Continue to hotel reception counters, hotel room tables, bathroom vanities and bathtubs. Virtually anything you can dream of, you can create with Staron®.

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