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When used in an office environment, Staron® offers a clean and hygienic surface to fit any space. Office surfaces are used to hold telephones, computers, food and touched by many hands. The hygienic properties of Staron® means that the office will be a clean workspace and avoid cross contamination. Staron® does not promote the growth of bacteria as many other surfaces do. The non staining nature of Staron® also means that the surface will remain looking good for years - with no coffee or tea stains in sight. The monolithic and thermoformable properties of Staron® pushes the boundaries of ordinary design, and transforms the office space into a user friendly and ergonomic environment. Create long continuous lines that curve to provide easy use and effective design. Staron® can be used to create desks, toilet partitions, bathroom vanities, tabletops, wall panelling, kitchenettes, furniture and can even be clad to an entire reception desk top/front/sides to create one continuous surface.

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