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The demanding and high traffic environment of retail fit-outs need a surface that is durable, hard wearing, renewable and non-porous. Staron® meets every criteria to create a project that will look like the day it was installed, for years to come. Inconspicuous joins make cleaning easy with no dirt trapping crevices, unachievable with many other materials. The non-porous nature also ensures that no stain is ever permanent. The flexible design nature of Staron® also makes it possible to create any design imaginable. Thermoforming Staron® creates curves and shapes, allowing it to be formed and sculpted into almost any design or concept. The transparency of selected colours means that Staron® can be illuminated by backlighting for creative impact. Create unique designs by etching a brand or logo into the Staron® material and backlighting to illuminate it. Due to the non-porous and repairable properties of Staron® - it is also a hygienic solution for toilet partitions and vanities in shopping centres. Create service counters, baby change countertops, seating, wall panels, furniture pieces, display cabinets, table tops, feature shop fitouts, shelving and creative sculptures. Inlay multiple colours of Staron® to create corporate logos or colours - the possibilities are endless.

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