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Staron Solid Surfaces
Staron is a premium solid surface material with a smooth monolithic nature that offers design flexibility. Staron can be used for endless applications in commercial and residential projects including but not limited to benchops, wall cladding, furniture, wet areas and countertops. More about Staron Solid Surfaces
Made from polycarbonate chainmail mesh using an innovative, award-winning technology. Kaynemaile is a flexible and affordable solution to create privacy and breackout zones or tetractable room dividers. More about Spacemaile.
Acrylic Couture
Features metallic materials, particles and feathers encased in crystal clear acrylic glass. In the presence of light an dLED, the acrylic illuminates for a brilliant effect. Made in Italy. More about Acrylic Couture.
Ettlin Lux
Metallic Fabrics that are a decorative textile during the day and transform to a spectacular lighting effect during tje night. Made with high quality materials with acoustic properties. More about Ettlin Lux.