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About Spacemaile by Kaynemaile
Spacemaile is our range of flexible and affordable interior screens. Ideal when you need to create privacy or breakout zones over large areas or retractable room dividers. Whatever your need, there is a Spacemaile screen solution for your interior project.
Spacemaile Systems
Hanging Screens
Tension Screens
Folding Screens
In-Fill Screens
Spacemaile Hanging Screens are a simple ceiling-hung solution. Use them to divide interior spaces, create visual privacy and as decorative backdrops.
Spacemaile Tension Screens are a hard-wearing, semi-rigid system, designed to be tensioned between the floor and ceiling. Ideal for floor to ceiling balustrades, green walls, stairwells and most safety from falling applications.
Our Spacemaile Folding Screens are an operable system ideal for creating functional separation. Perfect for entertainment environments like bars, clubs and restaurants, or open plan offices where flexible spaces are required.
Spacemaile In-Fill Screens are designed to fit into framed openings using our simple fixing system. Our system works perfectly in doors, windows and cabinetry. When combined with feature lighting it is perfect for retail point of sale and commercial design applications.
What makes Spacemaile so great?
Create privacy Beautiful aesthetics Responsive to lighting effects Works in difficult locations
80% air flow permeability means sprinkler, smoke detector locations and/or air-conditioning systems can remain unchanged.
Lightweight Efficient installation Difficult shapes Cost effective
Stronger and lighter than glass. It weighs 3kg per m2 making it a perfect choice where a low static load on buildings is required. Plus our light weight makes handling on site easy.
Our large screens go up fast without cranes. Our lifting system is simple and doesn’t require special training. Should you need it we provide a supervisory service to help you on site.
Our mesh goes up fast, cutting down the install time dramatically and saving costs. Our systems are simple and our light weight means we don’t need the same level of fixings as metal products. This means our installed rate is more cost effective than other metal products or glass panels.
Spacemaile Colour Palette
We’ve come up with a range of standard colours to give you a wide range of looks for your interior project.

Interior Colours
All Spacemaile standard colours are suitable for interior use.


All colours are in a gloss finish.

Custom Colours
Spacemaile can manufacture virtually any custom colour for you. We work off standard RAL or Pantone colour codes. Supply us the colour codes and we can provide the swatches for final approval before manufacture.