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Project: Mittagong RSL  
Design by: Abeo Architects
Location: Mittagong, New South Wales, Australia
Spacemaile Colours: Custom

Abeo Architects have designed the new cafe and lounge bar located in Mittagong RSL in Mittagong, New South Wales, Australia. In the bar area, Staron Solid Surfaces has been specified as the bar top in colour Tempest Shimmer. With reflective particulates in this colour, the surface glistens under the lights of the bar. The thermoformable nature of Staron also means that a softly curved bar area was possible in one continuous piece with no open joins for easy maintenance.

Moving into the dining space, circular booth-style pod seating has been created allowing diners to have a more private dining experience. Spacemaile has been used as privacy screens for each booth. The screens runs behind the booth seating and follows the line of each individual dining space in a circular shape. The nature of Spacemaile means that each booth has privacy without interfering with the flow of light, air or sight. The screens have been specified in a custom colour to complement the colours and finishes within the space. Hand grips have also been designed into each side of the screens to assist people getting in and out of the booths.

The curved mesh creates visual impact from the front and the back of the booths with the impressive screens starting from the back of the seating and continuing up into the ceiling. The selected feature lighting that is within each booth also reflects on and through the Spacemaile so it seems that the screen lights up creating a soft glow.

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