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Project: Corporate Office  
Design by: BRD Group
Location: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Spacemaile Colours: Copper & Steel

The BRD Group have designed a corporate office in Brisbane city, Queensland Australia. As a part of this project, a feature was required to be placed high up to the ceiling that was light enough to be able to be supported by the current roof, while also creating impact. BRD Group designed three pieces made from Spacemaile in colour copper and steel. The mesh has been formed into flowing organic shapes up to 8m in width and 60cm in height, and the pieces have been hung directly from the ceiling. The lightweight nature of the material was the perfect solution for this application. The roof allows natural light into the building, so Spacemaile is capable to create design imact, while not interfering with the flow of light. By raising the Spacemaile up high close to the ceiling, visitors and employees in the building can see the feature from the offices upstairs, as well as when they are walking up and down the staircase.

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