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Where Spacemaile systems don't suit, we can offer you a custom solution by either adapting our standard range, or providing a new bespoke solution.
We have the technical and manufacturing skills to produce cost-effective, one-off solutions unique to your project.

Custom Projects include any difficult or undulating organic shapes, lighting features or large-scale sculptural elements; it's all possible. Spacemaile interior or Building-Armour ranges are the most popular and cost-effective options. When these don't suit your original vision, Spacemaile can develop a custom solution for you.

What our mesh can do
Spacemaile can achieve difficult undulating shapes and threedimensional forms without costly pattern cutting or modelling. From tight radius, gently curved corners to huge self supporting spans, they are all easily achieved in our seamless sheet format. Provide us with details of what you want to achieve, the
look, a mood board shot, approximate dimensions and any functional requirements and we will work with you to develop a solution that suits.

Our team
You will be working directly with our in-house team, comprising registered architects, industrial designers and commercial film art directors. Our broad experience means you will be getting a prompt, considered and informed proposal.

How we will work with you
It's easy; you provide a sketch, we will review and offer you solutions, advice and pricing. With the use of video conference calls, regularly
updated photos and CAD drawings, we keep you fully informed throughout the lifecycle of your project; from conceptual design and development through to the fabrication process.

We always test install or hang projects before they leave our workshop, which means by the time your solution gets to you it's completely tested and prepared for its final installation to your project.