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Well-positioned lighting is a successful and cost-effective way to add value to your mesh installation. A unique combination of reflection and refraction of light allows the mesh to take on a defused colour. The colour and position of lighting is important to the overall effect.
Luxmaile Features
Nil-waste manufacturing
80% airflow
Diverse colour pallate
Our mesh is made from recyclable polycarbonate. We make to order and our unique manufacturing process means there is no waste. Kaynemaile mesh has only 1/8th of the embodied energy compared to metal mesh.
The mesh also works very well as a projection screen, especially when a large-scale screen or surface is required or as an external projection screen. The mesh can be either rear projected or front projected.
Our mesh gives approximately 80% airflow through the cross sectional open area. This means air compliant movement can be maintained in interior spaces and exterior screens.
Spacemaile Colour Palette
We’ve come up with a range of standard colours to give you a wide range of looks for your interior project.

Interior Colours
All Spacemaile standard colours are suitable for interior use.


All colours are in a gloss finish.

Custom Colours
Spacemaile can manufacture virtually any custom colour for you. We work off standard RAL or Pantone colour codes. Supply us the colour codes and we can provide the swatches for final approval before manufacture.