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The winner of the Concept category is Wilma van Boxtel of Deseos Design. Wilma has been recognised for a design that she created for a shoe cabinet/hall table.

Wilma created a shoe cabinet/hall table that also features an umbrella holder. The base of the umbrella holder also has a drip tray which can be cut directly into the Staron® surface by a CNC router.

 Wilma’s vision was designed with the idea of making a functional piece of furniture into something beautiful. The hall table can be created with a single piece of thermoformed Staron® that is formed into shape.

The hall table rods to hold the shoes can be made of wood or transparent acrylic rods. It is also possible to add a drawer in the top for storage of small items, like car keys, gloves or the dog leash.

This design cannot only be used in a home environment; it can also be used at the lobby of a hotel, café or restaurant, all while fitting in with a beautiful interior. It can also be made in any of the colours of Staron®. With the durable nature of the product, this application is suitable in a high traffic area.

Congratulations to Wilma for creating a functional design that can be adapted to suit different uses with a contemporary and attractive finish.


''This is a very clever and well developed idea. It is simple and elegant and utilises the qualities of the Staron® material to good effect.
This design could even be further adapted into a broader range of products",
Stephen Varady, Stephen Vardy Architecture.
''This entry applied Staron® Solid Surface in a refined manner to solve a very real, every day problem.
Addressing the practical requirements of entry areas and hallways in homes, hospitality venues and commercial spaces,
Wilma van Boxtel presented us with a versatile design that through a subtle, pared-back aesthetic delivers a practical, feasible, beautiful outcome.
Adaptive to the needs of the user, the Staron® framework allows for myriad alternate models that all still celebrate the
thermomoulding and slim, continuous profile attributes of Staron® as a material",
Owen Lynch, Indesignlive.
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