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The Staron® Design Awards are open to any designer, architect, developer, kitchen/bathroom designer, student or any other designer who has created a design project using Staron® Solid Surfaces. The Staron® Design Awards have been designed to create exposure for designers, architects and students using Staron® in outstanding applications.

Any commercial / industrial project. Can be any segment including but not limited to: food service, education, healthcare, retail, office, boating, public spaces, museums, exhibitions, art sculptures etc. Non residential projects only. Must be a completed and installed project.

Prize: $2000 cash + marketing exposure

Any house / apartment project. Includes kitchens, bathrooms, living areas or any part of the house / apartment. Staron® can be used in any form or application in a residential environment.

Prize: $1000 cash + marketing exposure

An idea or concept. Can be a unique product or design that has been drafted, or is still in design stage. The entry can be as simple as an idea, drawing or graphic. Submit photos or drawing sketches. Student entries welcome.

Prize: $250 cash + marketing exposure
ENTRY DATES: 1st May - 30th SEPTEMBER 2017

*All images submitted must be owned by the company/person submitting. Images must not be restricted in usage in any publication. High resolution images must be supplied with a minimum 300dpi for an entry to be valid. Entrant must have rights to use photography and permission granted by the project property owner. The Staron® Design Awards is open to any designer or architect who has created an Australian project using Staron® Solid Surfaces. The Staron® Design Awards are open 1 May – 30 September 2017. All winners will be announced on the Staron® Solid Surfaces website. Judging decisions will be based on creative and original designs using Staron® Solid Surfaces. All decisions are final. Entries are open for Australian projects only. The promoter is Austaron Pty Ltd 17/30 Heathcote Road, Moorebank NSW 2170 ABN 53 104 756 925.

By entering the Staron® Design Awards ,the entrant/s automatically agree to the following:

1. The project/s being entered has been designed and created in Australia.
2. All photography supplied is available in high resolution 300 dpi. All rights to photography are owned by the entrant.
3. There are no current media restrictions with the photography supplied. If the photography is owned by a photographer, all permissions must be granted to the entrant before submitting to the Staron® Design Awards.
4. Only true and accurate information is supplied about all the designers involved in each entry.

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