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The Commercial category winner is Siren Design Group who designed a complete fit out for Kinetic IT's Perth headquarters. Staron® Solid Surfaces has been used in colour Pearl White for a thermoformed reception desk and seated area.

The use of Staron® begins on the front of the reception desk and continues over the front counter to the desk space, then continues all the way to an integrated seating space in the reception area. Staron® made it possible to have one continuous flowing material with no open joins.

The surface creates a soft, undulating form designed specifically for the project. The fluid contours are representative of Kinetic IT's organic relationship with their clients and continuous progression towards an innovative solution. The futuristic look and feel of the design also fits well within the IT industry.

Congratulations to the Siren Design Group for creating a striking design that suits the client and industry so well.

Fabrication by Wave Surfaces.


''This design is an impressive composition of forms and materials, fully appreciating the possibilities of the Staron® product to realise the intentions of the designers",
Stephen Varady, Stephen Varady Associates.
''The seamless curve of this reception desk exploits the Staron® material in a most impressive way while also representing the brand's philosophy.
Commendation to the fabricator is also deserved in this particular project",
Nicky Lobo, Habitus Magazine.
''The simplicity and sweeping form of this desk feature: showcases the strength of the Staron® product and the 'skill' of the installer.
As always the lack of colour and the use of simple graphics make this a strong representation of product and brand",
Amanda Stanaway, Woods Bagot.
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