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The Concept Category winner is Christian Oshiro - an outstanding design student from Billy Blue College of Design, Perth. Christian has been awarded for his concept design of the Kokoro Stand.

This is a concept of a mid-floor shoe display fixture for shoe boutique - Melissa. Melissa shoes is a Brazilian-made product with a very personal touch and its statement about multiculturalism brings the ideal of colour and care for its customer which translates into a pure, honest, and a heartfelt product. This design complements the company culture perfectly to represent the brand.

Kokoro in Japanese means: heart, also feeling, mind, spirit and essence of the individual. The angled design of the Kokoro stand is emotive in its heart shape and vivid Univers Staron® colour. Staron® would suit this design as the three dimensional shape could be created in one continuous surface and no open joins. The stand represents a beautiful display that would match the beauty of the shoe designs.

Adding to the sentiment of this concept, Christian has dedicated this heart design to his mother, who passed away recently.

Congratulations to Christian for this unique and striking design concept.


''This design extracts the essence of the Melissa brand - it's geometric shapes and colours - merges it with an abstracted heart shape and infuses it with emotion and meaning, while understanding the potential of the Staron product to create such a sculptural solution",
Stephen Varady, Stephen Varady Associates.
''This concept design takes into consideration the brand and the material characteristics of the product, combining them to maximum effect in a dynamic and contemporary form",
Nicky Lobo, Habitus Magazine.
''The design strongly showcases the strength and versatility of the Staron product. The form of a heart is skilllfully abstracted into a 'display platform' and perfectly reflects the architectural and 'fun' nature of the Melissa product (and would look fabulous with my current favourite pair- so I am a little biased)",
Amanda Stanaway, Woods Bagot.
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