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The Commercial winners are Maria + Al Tsudon, THETSU for their design work for Quench juice bar in Brisbane, Queensland.

Quench owners Mitch Love + Darren Frame, are particularly passionate about their product and wanted their attention to detail and high quality focus to be reflected in the new design. As the conceptual direction started to evolve, the ‘Lime Slice’ became a symbolic representation of all the business values which are focused around offering a slightly more daring, fresh, organic and vibrant experience for the consumer.

The 'lime pith’ pattern was translated visually by overlaying 6mm Staron® in 'Bright White' onto a striking green glass facade that encloses a predominantly black, timber and steel tenancy. With a strong focus on sustainability, THETSU sought to ensure optimal material use and minimal waste, deciding to divide the entire pattern into a Staron® skeletal structure, tiled and cut, then mounted directly onto to the front face of the glass. The back of the glass showcases an identical pattern cut from white vinyl and mounted on the tenancy interior. Connective spines of Staron® are featured through the food/product pass to maintain the pattern integrity around the entire space.

Maria + Al had previously worked with Staron® with brilliant success and knew that the quality, flexibility and smooth finish was exactly what was needed to bring the design vision to life. Staron® was used to create the skeletal structure of the lime theme perfectly, while also being resilient to wear and easy to clean. Additionally, the simple maintenance of Staron® was a key deciding factor in THETSU's material choice as juice bar tenancies emit a significant amount of acidity into the air, so a product with high resilience and easy maintenance was imperative.

Since re-opening, the refreshed Quench juice bar has captivated crowds and re-established the tenancy's place as a local favourite in the urban feasting scene. The project's success was also made possible by Lamberts Design and Construction who took care of fitout and Select Shopfitters Australia who CNC milled the Staron® Design.

Photography: We Are The Tsudons


''This is a smart and appropriate application of the Staron Product. Capitalising on the materials ability to be cut and shaped in this way, and
then combining it with the green glass has resulted in an extremely dynamic and successful design. It appears that there was a good team
spirit between, client, designers and fabricators to achieve such a special result, and they should all be congratulated!"

Stephen Varady, Stephen Varady Associates.
''Thetsu have demonstrated quite an unexpected use of Staron in the Quench Bar project, managing to find the perfect harmony between
using the material as a design feature, as well as a functional, hygienic fit-for-purpose hospitality space.
It’s quite a daring application of the product, as well as an impressively imaginative interpretation of the brief."

Sohpia Watson, Indesign Magazine.
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